Canadian Council for the Americas December 4 Update

Dear CCA members and friends

In the past month, the CCA hosted two breakfast conversations on two very topical issues. On November 8, we welcomed Daniel Linsker, Vice President, Global Services at Control Risks. Linsker, who is based in Bogota, reviewed the political and economic landscape in Colombia halfway into the term of President Santos. CCA Director David Simsilevich, from Avante Capital, discussed the investment climate.

Colombia is enjoying a great boom in Canadian interest thanks to a stable legal and political environment and progress in reducing violence. Our panelists reviewed these advances and discussed areas of possible improvement such as a nimbler regulatory process.

On November 22, we reviewed the status of Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations, and what they mean for Canada’s trade in the Americas. Our panelists were Laura Dawson, of Dawson Strategic, and Matthew Kronby, from Bennett Jones. We discussed in greater detail these very important, yet little understood negotiations with two of the very few Canadians who are following the issue closely. Note that International Trade Minister Fast announced yesterday that Canada has officially joined the latest round of TPP negotiations.;jsessionid=ac1b105330d8ba736ebf98dc4155b869bd473d5a1f5b.e38RbhaLb3qNe3uNaO0?mthd=tp&



We are putting together events for the New Year on preparations for the 2015 PanAm Games and on the auto industry in Mexico. Details will follow. We welcome new ideas about possible events. Please write me at to discuss.



The Latin American MBA Network in Canada (LAMBA) will be celebrating its Second Anniversary on December 5 at 6pm with a panel discussion about how highly-educated Hispanic business people are re-shaping the Canadian community and economy.
The CCA will be there. More info at

Spirits and Spice, a Caribbean Christmas Celebration will be taking place December 6 at 5:30 in the Scotiabank Plaza Tower. It promises to be a fun event and is for a good cause. More info at



As CCA President, I was appeared as a witness on November 29 before the Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade. The topic was the Free Trade Agreement with Panama and the transcript will soon be available at

I was invited to give a presentation November 8 to the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States on the role of the OAS in the 21st century.


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CCA in the Press

The CCA was quoted in the Globe and Mail on November 29 on the partnership between Mexico and Canada


We are preparing initiatives to provide more regional commentary and analisis to the Canadian media, as well as to improve our website. Please watch for this in the New Year.


Best regards

Michael Harvey


President, Canadian Council for the Americas