Marcelo Ebrard, Celebrated Former Mayor of Mexico City a Guest Speaker at CCA Event

DSC_0128Marcelo Ebrard, the celebrated former mayor of Mexico City, will come to Toronto on February 3 gave an exclusive address to the CCA about the transformation of the Mexican capital city during his 2006-2012 tenure.

Under Mr. Ebrard’s leadership, the city succeeded in addressing some of its most pressing issues including pollution, traffic congestion and crime. His innovations — including a skating rink in the Zocalo, a new Metro line and road improvements, innovative social programs and the removal of 15,000 street vendors from the city centre — helped reinvigorate the city and transform it into one of the safest and most desirable places to live in the country. He achieved an astonishing 65 percent approval rating at the end of his tenure as mayor of North America’s largest city. In Toronto, Mr. Ebrard shared the story of the capital’s success and how the lessons learned have universal application.

Mr. Ebrard, who was awarded the World Mayor Award in 2010, was Chair of the United Nations Global Network of Safer Cities. He now plans to run for the 2018 presidency.

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