PCCC and the CCA Present: Mining Investment Opportunities in Peru

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 11.07.45 AMIn the last two decades, Peru has experienced a rapidly expanding economy and is consolidating as an attractive investment destination, becoming the best performing economy in Latin America.

Peru’s mining industry has a portfolio of projects worth US$61.5 billion in planned investment, which is the second largest amount in the region.

Peru and Chile together, stand out as the largest hub for mining investment worldwide, with an estimated total investment of US$160 billion for minind projects over the next ten years.

In a bid to promote these investment opportunities among Canadian investors, the Peruvian-Canadian Chamber of Commerce organized a Breakfast-Seminar. The seminar showcased the highest profile projects.

Keynote speakers:

Eva Arias, President of SNMPE  (The National Society of Mining, Petroleum and Energy); Executive Chairman of the Board of “Compania Minera Poderosa” and Director of “Compania Minera San Ignacio de Morococha.”

Susana Vilca, President of INGEMMET (The Geological Mining and Metallurgical Institute of Peru); former Congresswoman and former Vice Minister of Mines.

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