A Regional Perspective on the Pacific Alliance (September 30)

The Pacific Alliance, or Alianza del Pacifico, was launched in July, 2012 to facilitate the free movement of goods, services, capital and people and strengthen trade and investment ties with Asia. The four founding members – Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico – are working to remove those internal barriers first and then bring in other members to form one of the world’s largest trading blocs. Costa Rica is the next in line to join, once it concludes its free trade agreement with Colombia. Canada holds observer status.

The Canadian Council of the Americas hosted ambassadors to Canada from the Pacific Alliance’s four founding members, Ambassadors Roberto Ibarra (Chile), José Antonio Bellina (Peru), Nicolás LLoreda-Ricaurte (Colombia), and Francisco Suárez (Mexico), to share their analysis and insights on the economic union, the advantages and the challenges of integrating these four and other economies.

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